At the point of impasse, when your company can no longer pay more and your employees can no longer absorb the cost, you need a better option. It is too important to lock people into an inflexible traditional plan. Now you can offer a budgetable option that works for your company, and still offer a way for your people to avoid deductibles and co-insurance out of pockets if they follow the pathway designed into the plan. Our Stewardship Health Plan provides choice at the time choice matters.


Averify Reporting

Monitor network performance with interactive data visualization.

Regaining control over healthcare requires thoughtful healthcare design

Traditional analytics do not track information in ways that correct financial inefficiencies. To reduce cost, efficiency has to improve and that means variability has to reduce. The impact? Actual control over healthcare costs.


Here’s how it works:

1 Dump, scrub, learn

Medical claims data is sent to Averify’s platform via a secure monthly feed and matched with benchmark data to compare actual paid claims to fair market prices on a plan level.

2 Apply insights

Data-driven insights track inefficient delivery, find possible recoveries from paid claims, and navigate the network design strategy.

3 Optimize network

Through rigorous and ongoing monitoring, paired with an aggregated approach to design, targeted savings are realized.


Introducing The Stewardship Health Plan, a comprehensive approach designed to establish a better user experience: allowing for personal preferences throughout the plan year. Using proprietary vendor performance analytics and aggregation, we directly contracted with a best in class group of specialty service providers to deliver a single sourced health care solution. Employers can finally counter balance escalating costs too burdensome for them or their people to bare with a design that rewards stewardship — the responsible use of healthcare.


Reach your highest plan value


Cost Control

VARIABILITY COST INDEX® rating creates a financial profile of your claims so you can track costs specific to vendor promises and restore your costs to a fair and functioning market value.


Smart Adoption

Take control of your network design with clarity so healthcare costs function predictably, without simply adding trend to already excessive costs.


Real Solutions

Recover excess paid claims with behind the scene data-backed reasoning.


Personalized For You

Each member controls their experience, reaping the benefit most important to them — a continuum of choice that honors physician relationships, while empowering high value network facility choices that can eliminate deductibles and reduce co-payments.