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We design and manage high-performance employer sponsored health plans


We believe that restoring confidence is only possible when people who need care, providers that deliver it, and employers that fund the majority of it all have a shared sense of responsibility. We call it Stewardship and designed it into our plan: fair pricing, prudent authorization, and responsible utilization. It means we are in it together.


Our approach restores value by influencing:

PRICE: Reducing excessive charges
FREQUENCY: Eliminating unnecessary expenses
SEVERITY: Oversight of complex, high cost claims

Individuals & Families

Choosing your healthcare pathway is more valuable at the time care is delivered, rather than during a once a year enrollment. Want a large open network of providers to choose from? Pay the deductible and co-insurance you are used to. Willing to follow the guidelines? No deductible or co-insurance applies; just pay the copay.

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At the point of impasse, when your company can no longer pay more and your employees can no longer absorb the cost, you need a better option. It is too important to lock people into an inflexible traditional plan. Our Stewardship Health Plan provides choice at the time choice matters.

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Employer plans that try to save money by reducing the choice of physicians based on fee for service agreements often end up with higher utilization. The Stewardship Health plan believes in the value of trusted physician-patient relationships. Where the management of the plan is unique is in how it navigates beyond the physician’s office.

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“Complexity is masking massive excess in healthcare spending. To truly take cost out of the system, you have to restore a sense of personal responsibility by those who use it, provide it and fund it. We see healthcare as something we are in together.”

Frank M. Roby, CEO 

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