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Healthcare prices are in the dark.

Navigate with answers.
Trust but Averify


We wrote the code on facility navigation.

Averify Select™ navigation enables you
to lower claim costs without forcing disruption
on your company or your people. 


Employer Solutions

  • Find transparency through facility navigation

  • Navigate the price variance in your own network

  • Align employee incentives with your company's bottom line

Averify is not a broker. We provide actionable tools to augment your health plan that help you locate potentially cost-saving opportunities at a low cost without added disruption to your company's existing benefits or your employee's choice of care.

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Healthcare Facility Solutions

Averify benchmarks your healthcare data

compared to our Variability Cost Index® and more

so that your healthcare facility has the potential to measure your competitive position in your local market.


Know where you stand so you can get down to business delivering the best healthcare in your specific market.

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About Averify®

Averify takes cost out of the healthcare ecosystem through its unique approach to navigation at the facility level. Transparency becomes actionable at an exceptional rate, providing market insight to facilities and lower-cost facility claims to employer plans.


We do this through aggregation, analyses and filtering of healthcare facility market pricing, segmenting pricing into above and below market value using Averify's Variability Cost Index®, our proprietary fair market value benchmark.

Through Averify's online tools, decisions that lower costs are available on day one and at any time of year, regardless of enrollment cycles.

Contact us for more information.

This is the first time someone has been able to show us exactly how to leverage our value as we position for change.


– Dr. Will Harrill,

Chairman, North Carolina ENT


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